Guide Teaching and Learning with Virtual Teams

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Slattery, University of Limerick.

In recent years, virtual teams have become a feature of most corporate workplaces, yet few academic programs prepare students to work in virtual teams, and few textbooks support the development of key skills for virtual teamwork. The book guides students through the process of working in virtual team projects for their classes, and helps them to engage with the learning experiences, and to respond to potential challenges. The book is directed towards students within any of the following disciplines: Business; Information Technology; Communication Studies; and Engineering.

It provides advice for teachers on how to manage administrative challenges such as conflicting institutional schedules and grading mechanisms. In addition, it discusses research themes and data gathering and analysis techniques for teachers who wish to publish findings about the virtual team process and outcomes. As well as students and teachers, the book is also useful for researchers exploring any of the following themes: Technology use in virtual teams; Communication strategies and international communication in virtual teams; Communities of learning, e-learning, and virtual teams; Challenges of virtual teamwork; Planning a virtual team collaboration project; and Gathering and analyzing data about virtual collaboration.

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The process experienced by virtual student teams has many similarities with the team formation stage in virtual teams in organizational settings. Such experiential learning is useful for global virtual team education, as students will have already experienced and solved typical challenges in a safer non-work-related setting. This study is based on a small sample of respondents and therefore presents inherent limitations in terms of significance and generalizability.

Social Learning Through Virtual Teams and Communities

The rise of information and communication technologies has facilitated the creation of new approaches for coordinating work and, subsequently, for new collaborative organizational forms. Little research has been conducted to address education or training for these new and essential forms of collaboration.

How To Build A Virtual Team

Magnier-Watanabe, R. Please share your general feedback.

Learning in Virtual Teams: Exploring the Student Experience

You can start or join in a discussion here. Visit emeraldpublishing. Abstract Purpose This paper aims to examine how students can learn how to work in multi-cultural global virtual teams in a classroom-based setting using experiential learning.

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